Adobe showed off a cool technology that will help everyone who takes bad, blurry photos turn them into good, focused ones.

Speaking at Nvidia‘s GPU Technology conference, Adobe researchers David Salesin and Todor Georgiev showed how they can fix bad photos using a technology that is not yet commercially available. They showed that they could take an out of focus photo and use computing techniques to put the photo into focus.

Once this technology is available in the future, it could make us all into better photographers. The technology makes use of CUDA, the programming technology that allows a graphics chip to do non-graphics computing tasks.

You can see an example of the technology in action with the pictures here. In the picture at the right, the girl is out of focus and the cans behind her are in focus. In the picture at the top, Adobe has processed the photo so that the girl is in focus and the cans are not. Now, you can’t do this with just any kind of camera photo. The photos have to be taken with a camera that has a “plenoptic lens.” That technology was first developed by a team at Stanford University. This kind of lens can also be used to stitch together a single large image from lots of small images, as shown in the pictures at the very bottom.