Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy XIII has been anticipated for several years and the wait is finally over. Find out if this game truly lives up to its expectations.

In a nutshell, Final Fantasy XIII is a visually-stunning experience with an immersive combat system that continuously amazes fans of the genre. Now, like all Final Fantasy games, they tell a tale that is completely unrelated to prior games in the franchise. Therefore, there is no need to play any of the previous titles.

FFXIII tells a tale of vengeance, love, betrayal, and hate. The combination of all of these elements provide the storyline a compelling and emotional endeavor. While there aren’t any technical issues during the course of the story, there is one particular character in your party whom becomes rather annoying due to her high pitched voice. In other words, there are scenes where she retains a level of adult maturity while other scenes reveal her maturity level of a young child.

On a side note, the real treat is the combat system; it’s mildly sophisticated and complex…in a good way, of course. During the beginning process of playing around with the combat, you may absolutely be confused due to all of the functions available. Well, never fear, because the combat isn’t as difficult to master as one may presume. One thing to note is that the combat system is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before, especially in a role playing game. To say the least, this isn’t a bad thing.

Even though the combat and storyline are the biggest features that make FFXIII an incredible experience, one will find few shortcomings that degrade this experience.

Perhaps the biggest complaint is the fact of how linear the game is. In other words, it’s completely a one-path destination that leads to nearly no open ended exploration.  For those who enjoy open ended role playing games, they may want to reconsider before making a purchase. The other issue is that there is very little to do with the quests because there isn’t an enormous selection of side quests. In fact, you aren’t able to obtain side quest until the end of the game, and this may be an issue for some.

Now despite all you’ve heard about this game, I’ll be reasonable to state that this game is well worth the patience and money, especially if you’re a fan of lengthy RPGs.

Verdict: 8.7/10