I hope Kinect's user-feedback form is motion sensitive as well, so I can make slapping motions in response to Microsoft's reluctance to let the Xbox 360 go.

News Blips:

Xbox 360 slimAs the five-year anniversary of the Xbox 360's launch heaves into sight, Microsoft's U.K. director Stephen McGill expresses his thoughts on when the next console from Microsoft will appear. In an interview with Xbox 360 Achievements, McGill claimed that "there's still a lot of legs left with the Xbox 360," adding that a future console is "years away" from fruition. He went on to highlight the numerous services and accessories of the Xbox 360, including the planned November 4 release of the hands-free Kinect. "That's a massive game-changer for the industry, transforming what entertainment in games can be for friends and family," he said. Someone direct me to the nearest cryogenics facility. I need to freeze myself until this whole motion-control craze blows over.

It's official: Halo: Reach players are a hardcore bunch. According to a new batch of stats posted on Raptr, the sci-fi shooter replaced long-reigning champion Modern Warfare 2 as the most-played game on the Xbox 360. Gamers logged in an average total playtime of around 23 hours, with over 30 percent of people playing over a whopping 30 hours (averaging at two and a half hours per gameplay session!). Even though Reach features a supposedly 12-hour-long campaign, roughly 37 percent of players have already completed it on Normal difficulty. If you're not impressed (and a little frightened) by now, get this: The entire data report is only for the game's first week on the shelves.

EA Sports head Peter Moore contends that gamers would prefer a steady frame-rate over 3D support. Speaking to CVG, Moore thought that while some "cool moments" exist for 3D-centric titles, the performance tradeoff isn't worthwhile to the average gamer. "There is a tax on the hardware — you know, you need two cameras, there is a frame-rate issue…you've got to bring it back up again," he said. "I don't think gamers want to sacrifice a smooth frame rate. In other words, games that are currently running at 60 frames per second going down to 30 just for 3D." Stability aside, I prefer fixed frame rates for my sanity. 3D screens can really cause those splitting headaches.

Rumors of digital-game retailer Good Old Games' demise have been greatly exaggerated. (Thanks, Mark Twain.) The new GOG launched earlier today with a revamped website and a freshly inked deal with Hasbro to sell its catalog of games. As an extra helping of humble pie following the general outcry of the site's "closure," BioWare's seminal masterpiece Baldur's Gate was made available to purchase in its Original Saga form after heavy demand. Welcome back, GOG — that's strike one.

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