The Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition is the biggest mobile app competition in the world according to the organizers. From 160 entries, one finalist was chosen from each of the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Portugal. The winner of the first prize of 100,000 EU ($134,746) was Portugal’s CardmobiliRoulette Cricket from the UK was the runner up.

Cardmobili digitizes loyalty cards so that consumers can store card information, coupons and vouchers on their phones. The service also gives customers convenient and easy access to relevant purchase offers. Users can pass on special offers to friends from their social networks. The company already has 200 retail partners in Portugal and beyond. This company also won the public vote.

The competition jury commented that Cardmobili had a strong cross-platform story and understanding of both the mobile and retail spaces. They also advised Cardmobili to focus on incentivizing a few big players, even if this means giving the application away for free, since this will create buzz and lead to adoption in the application’s primary market of mid-sized companies. Cardmobili has 12 employees and is privately funded.

The runner-up, Roulette Cricket, makes betting games for sports that are designed to be played while watching sports in person, on TV or online. The game can be played individually or in teams. The initial sport targeted by the application is cricket, and the only platform supported is iPhone. But the backend is designed to be general-purpose and usable for many different sports. The founders intend to partner with existing betting companies or TV networks rather than competing with them.

The jury commented that the founders understood the sports domain very thoroughly, being avid sports fans themselves. The business is also scalable and can be extended to many sports.