Location-based ad company Placecast revealed its LocalBox technology today, aimed at carriers and handset makers who want to create location apps and marketing programs quickly.

The San Francisco company says that the LocalBox can be used in any country and on any carrier’s system. For instance, a phone maker that wants to add real-time social media updates, venue information, and ways to make money — banner ads, coupons, discounts — can do so with the flip of a switch.

In the video below, you can see how LocalBox generates a live page with an offer for a local theater. If you pass near the theater, you an offer for a discount or other coupon. LocalBox takes a bunch of real-time information, including tweets, cleans it up and then puts it together for a user to digest all at once. The real-time nature of the information is what makes the technology so useful, since information about places changes all the time, and it’s hard to keep apps up-to-date. LocalBox sources data from a variety of open application programming interfaces and reconciles them, cleaning up errors and aggregating it as desired.

Placecast is five years old and has more than 20 employees. It has raised $12 million in two rounds from Quatrex Capital, ONSET Ventures, and Voyager Capital. The company will be announcing partners later. Rivals include Simple Geo.