Snapdragon is applying the check-in concept that many apps, such as Foursquare, use today to products like Ramen Noodles — except it plans to bring in humor to differentiate itself from competitors. CEO and co-founder David Hegarty demoed the app at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco today.

Snapdragon is essentially Foursquare for products — users “check in” to products by scanning a bar code and then broadcast the check-in to their friends on Twitter or Facebook. After checking in, Snapdragon displays a funny quip from its friendly and sarcastic pink dragon mascot (pictured left).

(Incidentally, this is the second product check-in company we’ve covered today — see our earlier write up of CheckPoints here — so clearly this is a space several players will be competing over.)

Over time, as Snapdragon develops a profile of sorts for a user based on the products he or she has checked in with, Snapdragon will display one of a number of comics. The comics are personalized for individual users, again tinged with the humor and sarcasm they will come to expect from their traditional check-ins to individual products.

All joking aside, Snapdragon provides users with targeted coupons — and the company will receive some kind of monetary benefit from delivering the analytics and the platform to distribute those coupons. Snapdragon will also deliver limited edition promotions to consumers checking into specific products — such as access to a limited edition Fifty Cent song for checking into one of his albums with the app.

Snapdragon also hopes the analytics will help product developers incentivize loyal customers to remain loyal. It’s also pushing word-of-mouth advertising by providing rewards for being the “topdragon” of a product.

The San Francisco, Calif.-based company launched in May this year and has yet to raise any funding — but its CEO Hegarty, an Irishman, has already claimed topdragon of Guinness beer, a title he said he has fought hard for.