Electronics Arts have, for months, told us that including the Taliban in Medal of Honor, the soon to be released franchise restarted in a modern setting, where just another multiplayer option in a game. It's just a skin, basically. And it will remain that way, with an important change: they will be called the opposing forces. 

The pressure was on EA to change it after many people, including military personnel, where vocally against the game for its decision of letting players control the terrorist faction. Instead of sticking to its guns, like Treyarch did last year with its controversial airport level (although they did give players the option to skip the level, twice), EA has let the public impose their will onto the game. 

While it may not seem like much, and even EA is downplaying to a degree the change, it raises the question of what's appropriate to display in a game and what should be allowed in the medium. Is letting players command a virtual avatar of a terrorist faction any different from controlling any videogame hero who sociopathically murders dozens or hundreds of characters during the course of his or her adventure, without blinking an eye? 

I don't think letting players assume the role of the Taliban is offensive. But it's also not without consequence. Now, we'll just have to assume that consequence was negative enough to warrant some self censorship.