microsoft signMicrosoft today revealed that it’s promoting three executives to serve as the presidents of its Office, mobile, and interactive entertainment divisions.

Several Microsoft veterans departed this year. Robbie Bach, who managed Microsoft’s move into PC and console gaming, announced plans to retire, and last month, business division chief Stephen Elop left to become the new chief executive at Nokia.

The promotions include:

  • Kurt DelBene, who recently led engineering and development on Office 2010, is now president of the Microsoft Office division.
  • Andy Lees, who led marketing and product development of Windows Phone 7, is now president of the mobile communications division.
  • Don Mattrick, who had a leadership role on Microsoft’s Xbox products, is now president of the interactive entertainment business.

If it sounds like not much is changing, well, that’s also the analysis of Cnet’s Microsoft reporter Ina Fried: “The moves essentially leave all of Microsoft’s businesses in largely the same shoes.”

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