Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.

How to determine if your idea is worth the effort – Ideas are a dime a dozen for entrepreneurs – but knowing which are worth pursing is a tough game. Mike Courtney, founder of Aperio Insights talks about ways to quickly find out if your brainstorm is worth dedicating resources toward – or if it’s best forgotten.

5 steps to creating a global brand – Even if your startup initially has local aspirations, there’s no reason not to set yourself up for future expansion – especially in this increasingly global market. Christian Arno, founder of Lingo24, walks through five steps for setting your company up for the future.

Why entrepreneurs seem to be growing fangs – There are two types of players in every deal: Wolves and sheep. For years, VCs have occupied the wolf role, but the tables are turning. Jeff Bussgang, general partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, explains why.

How to deal with deal-of-the-day demand – Sites like Groupon can focus a lot of attention on your startup, but if the deal takes off, you might find your company overwhelmed – and that loss leader draining your bank account. Ken Ryu, Founder & CEO of GetQuik, lists five ways to protect yourself.

Essential qualities for your next hire – A resume is just a marketing document, says William Sahlman, a professor at Harvard Business School. To truly find a quality employee, you need to dig deeper – and look for four key qualities.