McDonald's FarmVille deal
Want FarmVille Cash with that?

Zynga, the San Francisco-based social games maker, has announced to players of FarmVille that it’s teaming up with McDonald’s, the fast-food chain.

In a brief announcement on the official FarmVille blog, the company said, “@McDonald’s is heading to FarmVille tomorrow–and you’re invited. Pay them a visit and earn exclusive items!” and linked to McDonald’s Facebook page.

Last month, a FarmVille fan blog, FarmVille Latest noticed the appearance of unreleased McDonald’s-themed virtual goods on FarmVille’s computer servers, including a McDonald’s branded dairy barn, cafe, and bakery.

Zynga makes money primarily through the sale of virtual currency used to purchase goods that help players advance in their games. It currently sells gift cards for FarmVille and other games, like Mafia Wars and YoVille, at 7-Eleven stores, in part to let customers without credit cards spend money online.

It’s easy to conceive of similar promotions in McDonald’s restaurants, which frequently offer branded giveaways, but there’s no indication of an in-store component to this deal at present.

Zynga spokespeople did not immediately return a request for comment.