Energy and carbon management startup C3 is looking to raise almost $50 million in funding. The company was founded by Thomas Siebel, who sold Siebel Systems to Oracle for $5.9 billion in 2005, and counts Condeleeza Rice among its directors. It’s still in stealth mode, so details on the company and its products are scarce. Earth2tech notes it is entering crowded space — there are already 20 companies, including Hara, in the energy and carbon management space.

Automakers may be required to boost fleet fuel efficiency to 62 miles per gallon by 2025, according to one scenario offered by a government report today. Electric hybrids and electric cars would play a crucial role in meeting the top range targets.

The White House announced today it is going solar. Solar panels will be installed atop the living quarters of the residence for the first time by spring 2011 and will be used to heat water and supply electricity as part of a Department of Energy demonstration project. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush incorporated solar into White House operations in the past.

Portland solar technology startup Azuray announced today it has teamed up with Chinese solar panel maker Suntech to research smart solar panels, drawing from Azuray’s solar technology. The technology promises to extract up to 25 percent more energy from underperforming solar panels. Azuray has also teamed with junction box maker Renhe to integrate the technology into a box that is part of the solar panel.

Energy management startup Hara released today its biggest software product to date, a supply-chain module that can evaluate energy efficiency among a client’s suppliers – vendors, transportation services, warehouses and the like. The Hara Value Chain module marks the company’s seventh release in 21 months. Hara has enjoyed some nice momentum as of late, recently signing the city of Philadelphia as its 40th customer, and counts Hasbro and Coca-Cola among its customers.

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