GreenBeat2010VentureBeat today officially kicks off the 2010 GreenBeat Innovation Competition. We’re looking for the freshest, most promising ideas for making the power grid smarter, more efficient, or more potent.

By grid, we’re not referring merely to utility lines and smart meters. We’re referring to the grid’s “edges” too, and so are looking for ideas that transform everything the sourcing more climate-friendly renewables, to the types of cars we drive, to the way consumers decide when and how to use electricity at home or in the office. Fuel cells, batteries — these count too.

We believe this is one of the most important callings for entrepreneurs today.

If you are working on an idea that could disrupt the way we think about the grid today, then we want you in the running, whether you’re a startup, big business, or research institution. The deadline to submit an application is October 21, 2010 — just 10 days away. Apply here.

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Up to 10 finalists will present onstage at GreenBeat 2010, the premier executive summit on the Smart Grid, happening this Nov. 3 and 4, at Stanford University.

On top of that, DEMO, the leading launch platform for emerging technologies, and strategic partner of GreenBeat 2010, will be offering winners of the Innovation Competition the opportunity to launch their products at DEMO in 2011 — a prize valued at $18,500.

Participating in the competition will also mean exposure in front of an audience of Smart Grid industry leaders, including venture capitalists, utility executives, other entrepreneurs and the best of the green press.

In particular, the Innovation Competition is looking for projects, companies and products that will further the primary goals of the Smart Grid:

  • Lower emissions generated along the electrical supply chain
  • Transmit energy consumption data along with power to utilities and their consumers
  • Drive increased efficiency and conservation of power.

The ongoing surge in demand for energy across the world, coupled with dwindling natural resources and global climate concerns make it imperative that the world’s countries, led by the biggest energy users, the U.S and China, build a grid for the future. For that to happen, we need to identify, support and fund the entrepreneurs with the most promising ideas. For a chance to become one of these Super Grid heroes and present onstage at GreenBeat 2010, apply today.

GreenBeat 2010Are you a green executive or entrepreneur? If so, sign up now for GreenBeat 2010 — the year’s seminal conference on the smart grid — November 3-4 at Stanford University. World leaders in smart grid initiatives will debate how the new “Super Grid” is creating huge opportunities in cars, energy storage, and renewables. GreenBeat 2010 is hosted by VentureBeat and SSE Labs of Stanford University. Go here for full conference details and to apply for the 2010 Innovation Competition. Early-bird tickets are available until October 15th.