Let me start out by saying that I'm glad Goldeneye is back. I liked the movie, loved the game for the N64, and having one of my favorite Bond adventures coming back to the gaming world is great news. Honestly, I can't wait to jump into an Aston Martin and take a drive down Memory Lane, however, I just can't shake this feeling that our favorite shooter has been transformed into Call of Duty: Goldeneye Edition by Activision. I know Eurocom developed the game, but there's just far too many similarities to Call of Duty to make me not think Activision didn't influence the game at all.

First off, there's the whole cinematic cutscenes from the first person perspective, such as the assassinations, pre-level cutscenes, and in-game set pieces. Are these a bad thing? Technically, no, but it just doesn't feel like a Bond game. Yes, I realize that previous Bond games have featured these sorts of things, but the ones I've seen in previews for Goldeneye Wii just have this Call of Duty stench to them. Yes, in case you haven't guessed already, I'm not a big fan of CoD.

Next, there's a health system that's very similar to CoD's. Getting ambushed by a bunch of guards? Don't worry, hide behind a tree branch for a few seconds, and you'll be good as new. Playing multiplayer, and want a fair match? Too bad, all it takes is two shots, and you're dead. Basically, whoever sees the other player first wins the fight. Goldeneye 64 had a REAL health system, where if you took damage, you couldn't just heal bullet wounds after a couple of seconds, you had to pick up body armor. Also, in multiplayer, the health system allowed everyone to have a chance, because it took more than 2-3 shots to get a kill.

Third, there's the weapons based on real guns. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but this is Goldeneye, and I want to run down people with my RCP-90! Making updated gun models that looked like the old guns, as well as keeping the original names, would make the game that much more nostalgic. For some reason, they didn't, maybe because of copyright issues, but I doubt that. It just won't feel the same shooting an AK-47 instead of a KF7 Soviet. I mean, how many times have we used AK-47's in shooters? Too many to count. What about the KF7 Soviet? Only in Goldeneye, baby. 

This one is a small thing, but I still don't approve of it's use in the game. Whenever you shoot/hit/grenade someone, that little "x" appears on your cursor, just like in CoD. Here's something I really don't like, though. The radar shows you where all your enemies are, and it also has a gold star (Call of Duty?) to show you where your objective is. It saddens me to see that gamers these days need to have their hands held just to get from point A to point B. Speaking of linearity, if Goldeneye Wii doesn't feature multiple objectives besides running straight and shooting, that just makes it even more like that damn overrated franchise…

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm complaining too much, but I would appreciate it if Call of Duty stayed out of my Goldeneye. I appreciate what Eurocom is doing, but I just have this gut feeling the game's only being made so the companies can make a quick buck off the title. Maybe I'm being too critical, but Goldeneye is a special game for all of us, and exploiting it, as well as turning it into something completely different so you can make a profit, just doesn't sit well with me. It's all about the games, man. 

I'll still most likely at least renting this game so I can go through the story again, but I think the best way to get the Goldeneye gaming experience is to just invite a few friends over, hook up the old 64, and start playing the game that this "reimagining" won't be doing justice to.