I love Bitmob coming here every day and reading all kinds of interesting and incredible articles and have been wanting to get into the game, always getting about half way there and stopping never to return for one reason or another.  So I thought if I can only get half way there I'll see if this awesome community can help me out and get me the rest of the way (Cop out I know).  So I thought I'd ask a question.




What I wanna know is very simple, as I'm sure you all know this week is the 25 anniversary of Nintendo's venerated console I find this to be a fitting time to look back and ask what was your greatest or happiest memory with the console growing up or in college? (for the… more experienced among us :)). I will also accept Sega Master System stories if you did what nintendon't, but I'm sure Link is crying somewhere right now because of you.

Leave your stories below in the comments and if enough people respond I'll repost this with some of the best.


I figure fair is fair, since I'm asking you what your favorite memory is I'll tell you mine.


To be honest I don't have much in the way of a single great memory (I know cop out again, I'm working on it).  Growing up the only consoles I ever got to play with, (until the N64 ) were old Handme down NES's long since past their prime but, still more than capable holding my young hyperactive attention.  I remember playing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt backing up from tv as far as I could to see how good my aim was, or Base wars with my friend Dean actually trying to get in to a close play so we could fight.  For me it's funny because when I look back at my gamer youth despite being 24 I find myself identifying more with the NES generation even though I was born a year after it was release in the U.S.




time sure does fly

(Time sure does fly)