Phoenix Wright Twitter

In celebration of my two favorite series combining for the Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney crossover for 3DS, let’s see how Phoenix Wright lays down the law on Twitter (check back for Professor Layton later). If only he could help out with the the Supreme Court case deciding whether video games are protected as free speech under the First Amendment.

Order in the court! Get to reading Game Characters Who Tweet: Phoenix Wright Edition….


Phoenix Wright twitter
@8if8 "Objection!"

Name: @naruhodou_bot (Phoenix Wright)
Followers: 963
Following: 947
Tweets: 11,277
Location: Court/Wright & Co. Law Office
Manager: @ooosuio, an otaku who lists voice actors and video games as his interests and has his Twitter location set to “the second dimension."

This bot brings Nick’s thoughts straight from the defense’s bench. He tweets a few quotes from the game and sometimes debates with prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. He mentions other characters like Maya, Dick Gumshoe, and Larry.

While he does have a lot to say aside from “Objection!,” his responses are very limited outside of the typical greetings, which is a little disappointing.

Edgeworth's Twitter
"…Enjoy next month's salary cut."

Name: @mitsurugi_bot (Miles Edgeworth)
Followers: 1,263
Following: 1,216
Tweets: 16,151
Location: Court/Office
Manager: @ooosuio

He's as cool and calculating as he is in the game. If you message him with the Japanese word for “cute” or onomatopoeia for “kiss,” he gets very flustered (so don’t tell Wendy Oldbag’s bot about him!). He hasn't been updated to include the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth game and only tweets about the Ace Attorney series.

Edgeworth also has a robust Facebook page (in English) with 4,600-plus fans that's much more interesting to read.

Maya Fey's Twitter
"Well, it's because I have a separate stomach for steak."

Name: @ayasato_mayoi (Maya)
Followers: 561
Following: 565
Tweets: 20,509
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices
Manager: @Chocomame, a Pokémon fanatic whose Twitter handle translates to “chocolate bean.” Chocomame also made the Wendy Oldbag bot.
Instruction manual (Japanese only)

Phoenix’s assistant spirit medium is just as air-headed and hungry on Twitter as she is in the games (she includes lots of tweets about steak and ramen). According to the instruction manual, if you type in “Mia,” the name of her deceased sister and Phoenix's mentor, then she’ll channel her.

She talks with Pearl Fey’s Twitter bot sometimes, and she’ll wish you a happy birthday if you type “today” and “birthday” into a message.