Here are the top stories we’re following this morning on the GreenBeat:

The government is offering more than $1.5 billion in assistance to bring next-generation biofuels to market, Reuters reports. The funds will aim to bring renewable fuel consumption to 36 billion gallons by 2022 and draw from non-food sources like algae and wood.

Siemens announced a line of electric vehicle charging stations, which will be part of Coulomb’s ChargePoint network. It joins a growing field of charging station contenders, with GE’s WattStation, Better Place, EcoTality and Coulomb. Siemens will also team up with SAP for a pilot project, with SAP providing networking and software management and Siemens supplying the chargers, Greentech media reports.

Fisker will manufacture its plug-in hybrid Fisker Nina sedan out of an old GM factory site in Delaware, which the automotive giant will spend more than $11.7 million to clean up, Earth2Tech reports.

LDK Solar has a strong order book for 2011 as global demand remains strong and is likely to revise up its full-year revenue target, with the strongest sales to come from China, Reuters reports.

GE has announced a prototype downlight LED bulb that gives off 1,500 lumens, matching the light of a traditional lightbulb but using one-third the energy. The company will roll out an LED bulb to replace 60-watt incandescent bulbs next year and expects 15 percent of its sales to come from LEDs by 2013, CNET reports.