The game is a pretty typical RPG style game that takes place on Halloween Night.  Yes, ladies and gents, this whole game takes place in one night.  You go from sleepy suburbs to a Mall to a even sleepier little farming town.  The game does a REALLY good job of transition from one area to the next while allowing you to go back and get any quests or items you might have missed the first time.  This game is all about collection.  Collecting candy, cards, costumes, quests etc..  If you don’t like collecting stuff this game is not going to be for you.

       The thing I really loved about Costume Quest was the costumes.  In a game about Halloween what else would make it great?  Being able to change into any of the totally awesome and wonderful forms just by changing costumes makes this game wonderful.  The combat is simplistic but totally fun.  Who knew that real time turn based RPGs could be so much fun.   I completed the whole game with every achievement in around six hours.  But I did grind a fair amount and I did reach max level which is ten.  I know six hours isn’t very long but the game only suffers from it’s limit in that the game IS SO GOOD you don’t want it to end.

      While the game is left open at the end for a sequel; I get the impression that it might be in poor taste to look for one.  This project certainly shows Double Fine’s talent for making a good, compelling, funny game.  Perhaps such a limited scope is what they do best.  I loved Costume Quest and everyone who loves a good collection based RPG should check it out.  Especially before Halloween, after that, I think the magic might have worn off.