iPhone password lock screenA glitch in the iPhone software’s (iOS) password lock screen could give anyone access to your phone application or photo album.

First discovered by a poster on the MacRumors forums, the glitch is surprisingly easy to replicate: When your phone is locked with a numeric passcode, simple tap the Emergency Call button, enter any random number, then tap the call button and quickly hit the lock button. The Phone app then pops up, which can let anyone make a call, browse through your contacts, or view your call history.

Furthermore, selecting the “Share contact” button from within a contact will give you access to the iPhone’s photo album. You can also hold down the menu button to get access to the iPhone’s voice control, which can let you play music stored on the device.

The glitch currently affects devices running iOS 4.1, as well as those running the beta release of the upcoming iOS 4.2.

While it may not seem like a gaping security hole, the glitch could certainly be used maliciously. Expect Apple to fix it in a security update soon.

Check out a video below from the mobile site Boy Genius Report demonstrating the glitch:

via 9to5Mac