Huddle WebinarThe cloud is transforming our lives and our work. It’s one of the top trends I identified at our recent DEMO Fall conference as powering new products and startups. But what is it, exactly?

My executive editor, Owen Thomas, likes to crack that the cloud is “just a fancy name for the Internet.” And he’s right — but it’s more than just getting hooked up with an Internet connection. It means retooling every aspect of your operations to take advantage of a pervasive, ubiquitous, always-on network.

There are all kinds of ways to work in the cloud that didn’t exist before. One example is the webinar, an online meeting which anyone in the world can participate in. For VentureBeat, it’s a new way we can share our knowledge, insights, and connections with you in real time. And so we’ll be using the cloud to talk with you about the cloud.

We’re thrilled to be hosting our first series of webinars with Huddle, an innovative online-collaboration startup based in the UK and San Francisco. (Full disclosure: Huddle is sponsoring these webinars.) As a transnational startup, they’re very familiar with the challenges of running a business online, and also aware of the transformative nature of the cloud.

Andy & Matt

Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin is joining me to kick off the first webinar, “Demystifying the Business Cloud,” on November 17 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. He recently wrote about how running your business on the cloud can flatten corporate hierarchies and make the whole organization more flexible. He also noted how younger workers expect their work tools to function like the cloud-based social networks and content-sharing sites they’re used to using.

There’s going to be a lot of rich fodder for discussion. We’ll get past the jargon and the hype, identify key advantages to moving your business processes online, and show you concrete steps you can take to get started — all while laying out the big picture of how the cloud is transforming business.

Get your head in the cloud, and join me in VentureBeat’s first-ever webinar. You can sign up here.