Microsoft, the maker of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office, brought in $16.2 billion in revenue in its most recent quarter — up 25 percent from the same quarter a year ago — thanks to strong sales of Microsoft Office and Windows 7 in the enterprise sector, it announced in its quarterly earnings report today.

The tech giant only earned about $12.9 billion in the same quarter a year ago, and its net income jumped 52 percent to $5.41 billion compared to $3.57 billion in the same quarter one year earlier. Office 2010 sales were up 15 percent compared to Office software sales in the same quarter a year earlier.

Microsoft also recently announced it sold 240 million copies of its Windows 7 operating system in the first year selling the software. The newest iteration of its web browser, Internet Explorer 9, has also proved incredibly popular after it was downloaded 2 million times in the first two days after it was released. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, which will receive an update to be a more fluid experience with Internet Explorer 9 soon, also continued to gain market share according to Microsoft.

The next question is how Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, will affect he company’s game. Windows Phone 7 represents Microsoft’s most recent foray into the mobile phone market after it fell behind the likes of Google and Apple. It will be released in the next quarter — and so far, the future looks pretty good for the smartphone platform. Microsoft didn’t specify how much of its income this quarter came from its current mobile platform — the aging Windows Mobile operating system.

Microsoft’s still no Apple, which brought in more than $20 billion in revenue last quarter, but the latest figures represent a positive move away from Microsoft’s traditional role as a bit of a black sheep in the operating system family. What Microsoft does have over Apple, however, is its video game console, the XBox 360. VentureBeat’s games writer Dean Takahashi covered the Xbox 360’s 38 percent sales growth earlier today.