Tight squeeze…


I have been interested in getting my hands on the Kinect since it was announced a year and a half ago when it was codenamed Project Natal.  Now that is mere hours away from being in my home I am beginning to feel the crunch.  The crunch of being in tight quarters that is.


kinect demoThe biggest challenge I am facing in my narrow living room.  I had thought about re-orientating the entire room so I would have the appropriate distance available between me and the sensor.  The problems I had with that configuration that it really cut down on the usable space of my rumpus room as well as it being a colossal task rearranging furniture, electronics, and wires.  I decided to forgo that idea.

microsoft_kinect_kids_playingWhat I have decided to do is to squish my couch down a bit more in conjunction with angling the TV and the sensor to face a more open area of the living room.  This is certainly not an ideal setup as I will constantly be shifting the position of my television, but it does beat the alterative.

One of the biggest issues I have with the Kinect bundle is the absence of a dedicated TV mount.  For my situation a mount for the top of my TV would allow me to position myself closer to the sensor.  From what I have gathered there is only a third-party manufacturer, Performance Designed Products, that has a TV mount available for the public at large.  This to me may be a huge oversight on Microsoft’s part.

tv mount

I am personally hoping that my present setup will allow for an excellent launch day experience for myself and my family.  If not I may have to explore other options, but as I am investing a good chunk-of-change to be part of this ‘revolution’, it had better come together.  If you are anticipating any issues with your own setup, I would like to here about them and perhaps your ideas on how you will rectify the situation.  Good luck to all getting Kinected!

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Source: SUPERGHOST's Haunted House of Xbox