The guys over at Unsocial, a mobile app that helps people find business connections in a nearby geographic area, have certainly kept themselves busy. Since launching at VentureBeat’s DiscoveryBeat conference just a few weeks ago, Unsocial has added a new CEO, executive vice president and 10,000 users — just in time to return as the official conference app of GreenBeat 2010.

Unsocial users can connect their LinkedIn accounts, or create a unique account for the application, and immediately find potential business connections within a few miles. Users can contact people directly through Unsocial, as well. If the potential connection has a phone number listed with it, users can call them directly. Otherwise, they can send them a message through the application — including sending their own “business card.” They can also find events in the area — such as a trade conference — and see an attendee list and announce their intent to attend the event.

Unsocial is looking to raise some capital to expand to other mobile devices and operating systems (it currently has apps for Android and iPhone devices), and expand to include conferences and tracking in new locations. Today, Unsocial is limited to San Francisco and New York.

Bruce Brown, former CEO of communications companies Vertel and Efficient Networks, has taken the reigns of the company as it has begun its first fundraising round. Tom Mooreland, a former executive of communication technology provider Sitrix Systems and a partner of Next Gen Consulting, is taking over the executive vice president position.

Since launching its private beta at DiscoveryBeat, Unsocial has already picked up about 10,000 users. Unsocial, founded in March 2009, currently has more than 12 employees.