Notion Ink's Adam

Indian startup Notion Ink plans to start taking pre-orders for its Adam Android tablet in December, and it may even be able to ship the device by Christmas, according to a blog post by the company’s CEO Rohan Shravan.

Shravan reports that the Adam is currently up for FCC approval, and if it’s not approved in time for Christmas, the company will aim for a release by New Years or CES (the Consumer Electronics Show in early January). Shravan reports that you’ll be able to order the device in most countries, thanks to Notion Ink’s logistic partners.

The 10-inch Android tablet made waves late last year when it was revealed that it would be the first device to us Pixel Qi’s display technology — an innovative technology that lets users turn off the LCD backlight to read text in direct sunlight, which can both save power and offer text that looks similar to e-Ink technology on ebook readers. The company hit some funding snags towards the middle of the year, which led to it missing the Adam’s proposed third quarter release.

Notion Ink aims to release four different versions of the Adam: A WiFi-only and 3G version of the device with a LCD display, and WiFi and 3G versions with a Pixel Qi display. According to Slashgear, “the LCD version will cost $399 for the WiFi-only and $449 for the 3G model, while the Pixel Qi version will cost $449 for the WiFi-only and $498 for the 3G model.” Every Adam model will run Nvidia’s Tegra 2 technology, which should give it enough horsepower to play 1080p high-definition videos and even play some games.

Shravan says the device will ship with Android 2.2, but that there will definitely be upgrades once it’s shipped. The company says it will also sport anywhere from 6 to 20 hours of battery life, which puts it in good company with the iPad, according to Crunchgear.

Via Technically Personal