When I read “When not to read Video-Game Review”, Winston reminded me a lot about when a company destroys one of your favorite IPs. I posted on the comments a fragment of my relationship with the Star Fox series.   I couldn’t shake that feeling all day, so I decided that I should write my story.


When I was a kid, I received the blessing of an SNES on one Xmas. Apart from Xmas, in Mexico we celebrate the “Día de Reyes” (King´s Day), that is when three Kings that came to give some presents to the baby Jesus. On this day, we also received some presents. In 1994, I received Star Fox, and I played it religiously, day after day, trying to master it all, and playing it with my father, because he always wanted a good “plane” game.


Then the 64 era came. Although I know Super Mario 64 was revolutionary, the game that I was expecting the most was Star Fox 64. For some reason (I call it destiny) it was released the same week of my birthday, so my parents (specifically my dad) decided that it was a perfect gift (the real reason he bought it was so he could play it…).


Starfox Strikes Back










                              Star Fox strikes back


Who can forget the feeling of the rumble pak?? The greatness of the airwing? The sense of friendship between the team? The havoc that the Landmaster made? The sense of solitude of planet Aquas?  The happiness that, somehow, James McCloud appeared? To this day, whenever I reach that part of the story, it gives me chills, and shed some tears.


Return of the Dad

                         The Return of the Dad


This one also was played to death. I remember that some of my closest friends gathered to play Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64 and Star Fox 64 (to me, the holy trinity  of multiplayer games on the 64 era, although Turok 2 was pretty good also). While I didn’t suck in Goldeneye and MK64, I didn’t win a lot of matches.  But  when we played SF64,  I literally destroyed everyone on the room.


On the Gamecube days, I expected sooner or later that they decided to announced a new Star Fox. After a few changes to Dinosaur Planet, Nintendo decided to release it as Star Fox Adventures. While it wasn’t the genre that I expected, it decided to give it a try, just to “continue” with the series. It wasn’t bad, it didn’t satisfy me.


The attack of the furries

                             The attack of the furries

But the dealbreaker was Star Fox Assault. When Ninty announced a partnership with Namco, I worried a little. Why cant they internally develop the next game in the series? But then, I decided to give it a rest, since it was a “shooter”, not unlike the last game, and check the game it were released. For some reason, I didn’t remember at all the release date of the game, and one day, I got it on a rebate on Best Buy. 20 dollars.  Just 20 dollars.


Then I played it. To me, this 20 dollars are some of the most painful of my life. I don’t know how, but Namco screwed it badly. Awful voices, senseless shooting, horrible pacing. I just decided to finish it, and never play it again. Possibly I was too harsh, but to this day, I can’t forgive it and try it again.


Because of “betrayal” of the last two games, I didn’t give Command a chance. Probably it was good, but I was hopeless, because it was controlled just by the stylus. To me, a “true” Star Fox game is one that can be controlled by a more traditional input, not clicking on the screen.


A new hope???


                           A new hope???

E3 2010 came. The masters of the remakes and rereleases got Star Fox 3DS announced. Tears in my eyes. While it is a remake of a remake, finally, a true Star Fox game. Then the worries came. Will they decide some horrible childish voices? Will it be controlled just by the stylus?  I just hope that they don’t mess the gameplay, and provide some traditional input, since it is a heavily “action” game. Can they messed up and shatter the good old memories of Star Fox 64? I hope not…