Ready to find out what the cloud really means? (Turns out it’s not just a fancy name for the Internet after all.)

According to my boss, Matt Marshall, it’s a set of technologies and business practices that could transform your company. I just got a preview of the webinar, “Demystifying the Business Cloud,” that he’s set to host at 11 a.m. Pacific today with Andy McLoughlin, the sassy Britrepreneur cofounder of trans-Atlantic cloud-collaboration company Huddle. (Full disclosure: Huddle is sponsoring the webinar, because they’re awesome like that.)

I’m normally the first to flee from webinars. But after checking out Marshall and McLoughlin’s decks, I’m looking forward to this one. (Andlooking forward to heckling them on Twitter.) The best part: They’re going to name-drop two dozen or more companies playing in the cloud space today. These aren’t abstract technical concepts — these are real services you can sign up for today to run a cheaper, smarter business.

So who’s on their list? Sign up right away to make sure you don’t miss out on our picks for the best cloud applications for business today.

VB WebinarsDon’t miss VentureBeat’s first live webinar — “Demystifying the Business Cloud” — on Nov. 17 at 11 am Pacific Time. Join VentureBeat Founder & Editor-in-Chief Matt Marshall and Huddle Co-Founder Andy McLoughlin for an in-depth discussion about migrating core business processes to the cloud. Sign up for free now. This webinar is part of a series co-hosted by Huddle, an innovative online-collaboration startup based in the UK and San Francisco.