Social game platform MindJolt said today it is releasing new tools to help third-party game developers make money with its new ad platform, AdJolt.

The new monetization tools include a virtual currency product that developers can use for power ups, virtual goods, and other things. AdJolt essentially maximizes revenues for game developers who put their games on the MindJolt platform, which reaches 20 million users across the web and on Facebook.

MindJolt will use the tools to attract more developers, who benefit because MindJolt can cross-promote their games across all of its titles on Facebook. On Facebook, gamers can access a bunch of MindJolt games as if they were visiting a portal.

MindJolt chief executive Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of MySpace, told Techcrunch that the company remains profitable and has retained its user numbers despite Facebook’s policy changes in the spring, which drastically cut back on game communications — an act that slowed growth at all Facebook game makers.

Adam Jones Productions, a game company that is using AdJot, said that the tools have dramatically increased revenues, which are shared 50-50 with MindJolt. Adam Jones Productions was able to increase its revenues by 50 percent to 70 percent over its past ad solution. Techcrunch says that MindJolt’s revenues are around $20 million and that the company will expand to the iPhone and iPad shortly.

We also hear from the company that revenue has doubled in the last three month. MindJolt raised around $20 million or so from Austin Ventures in order to acquire a bunch of social game companies. Talks are ongoing with a number of possible acquisition targets.