Kudos to the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) for asking the general public for their stance on the Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association court case. At least, that's what I hope all of those people freezing in front of the Supreme Court building are there for.

Video Blips:
• The ECA picks the brains of G4's Adam Sessler, game designer Daniel Greenberg (Vampire: The Masquerade), Jolly Mario, and regular gamers on violent video-game regulation. Had I known about this rally sooner, I would've shown up in my blood-drenched Splatterhouse costume armed with legions of signs.

Continue after the break for some massively multiplayer episodic gaming in CrimeCraft, a trio of downloadable expansions for Final Fantasy 11, and one disturbing debut trailer for The Cat Lady.

• CrimeCraft's "BleedOut" campaign weaves a tale of a city thrown into chaos after a cataclysmic financial collapse. Perhaps one of these new criminal kingpins can explain why a game set in the future would include an aversion to the space bar in its controls. [GameTrailers]

• The "Heroes of Abyssea" add-on packs for Final Fantasy 11 breathes new life into the aging, massively multiplayer game. I do believe this is the final stage of Square Enix's "If Final Fantasy 14 Goes Belly Up" contingency.

• The Cat Lady isn't your run-of-the-mill senior neighbor who loves cats — she's just an explorer of all things freaky. Developer Harvester Games has done everything right so far: If you want to revitalize point-and-click adventure games, even the graphics need to take a step back. [GameTrailers]

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