(Editor’s note: Anne Berkowitch is CEO and co-founder of SelectMinds. She submitted this story to VentureBeat.)

With the economy on the rebound, businesses are ready to hire – but as many businesses know, finding talented people that will take them to the next level can be an immense challenge. In today’s market, getting the golden candidate through the door takes a lot more than just posting a listing and praying they notice.

There are a significant handful of best practices around snagging the most appropriate new employee – and VentureBeat has covered those previously. However, there are also a few myths floating around that need to be quashed immediately.

Only HR recruits – Restricting recruiting to a specific department – or in some cases one person- can significantly limit the reach of your company’s job search capabilities. Even within a small start-up, each employee has a sizeable network that can quickly bring forth excellent talent. It really is as simple as the concept that good people know and trust other good people.

Additionally, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have also made your employees more connected than ever. Encouraging employees to mine their personal networks leads not only to an increase in referrals, but also an increase in the quality of those referrals.

Proactively updating employees on job openings and providing the tools to make it easy and rewarding to share those can fuel a powerful referral program. Existing employees are a valuable platform from which to source the next top employee – use it.

Don’t rehire – When it comes to rehires, think about it this way: you already know the candidate and they already know you. Both parties are well aware of what they’re signing up for and rehired candidates are less likely to leave again once they’re brought back.

As an added bonus, the cost-savings with rehires are significant, given that the training time is minimal compared to new hires. In fact, rehired employees have greater potential to become top performers, as they are familiar with the company brand and the values that drive the business.

This belief in a company can lead to engaged, productive employees that can also be strong ambassadors for the business following their return. Regardless of if they left voluntarily or involuntarily, they’re back now, with more experience and more to add.

It’s all about what you know – While education is certainly an important factor when considering a candidate, it’s critical to look beyond the book smarts and examine their actual experience to determine the quality of the hire. Heavily consider how the candidate will fit in with the company and its culture. For example, candidates referred by existing employees as well as rehired employees will likely be a great fit for the company as they know more about what they’re getting into and what it takes to succeed at the company.

Additionally, identify the people and specific areas of the business that could benefit from bringing this candidate on-board. Recruiting candidates whose book smarts and experience can best complement the business as well as bring a new perspective to the table based on who they know and what they have done can drive the business forward in new and innovative ways.

At the end of the day, it comes down to getting the quality relevant candidates through the door, rather than just another person to keep a seat warm. Reconnecting with your own personal network and encouraging your existing employees to do the same can lead to quality hires that can be powerful assets for the business as well as one of the most rewarding investments.