Here are the stories we’re reading today on the GreenBeat:

Troubled Evergreen Solar to try recapitalization — The company said yesterday that its board of directors has approved a plan to recapitalize the company, Bloomberg reports. The plan aims to slash outstanding debt and interest expenses and lower the cost and due date on longer-term debt. The company (one of its solar installations pictured, left) would also raise capital by selling up to $40 million of its cash notes.

Germany to install a record 8 gigawatts of solar this year — This widens Germany’s already substantial lead in the global solar marketplace. A cut in solar subsidies earlier this year didn’t cause a market collapse, as some had feared, but a slowdown. In future years, growth could cool down to three to five gigawatts a year, Reuters writes.

AT&T to buy Xanboo — The mobile and broadband company is edging into the home energy market with this purchase, Earth2Tech reports. Xanboo is a decade-old firm that automates home energy and allows residents to monitor security and energy usage across multiple devices.

EnerNOC to buy Global Energy Partners — Demand response leader EnerNOC said that its purchase of the company would be its biggest deal yet, Earth2Tech reports. Global Energy Partners designs and implements demand response and energy efficiency solutions for utilities.

First Wind nabs $98 million for wind project — The wind developer secured $98 million for a 60-megawatt wind project in Maine. First Wind pulled IPO plans in November. The company has raised $357 million in financing since the end of September and repaid $118 million in short-term turbine supply loans, Sustainable Business writes.