Epic MickeyDevelopers beware: You won't receive any compliments in this week's edition of the Reviews Spotlight. After forcing themselves through uninspired remakes and reimaginings, Bitmob community members are ready to have their criticisms heard and addressed. Take notes!

Disney Epic Mickey: My childhood's working overtime
By Suriel Vasquez
Playing with nostalgia is a very tricky business. Whenever a developer promises to reanimate a long-forgotten franchise, fans become understandably excited. So when Disney Interactive Studios revealed its plan to modernize Mickey Mouse for devoted fans and childhood viewers, I was skeptical. Apparently, so was Suriel.

Has Walt Disney's 90-year-old mascot been given an adequate facelift, or will Epic Mickey tarnish your love for the franchise? You may not like Suriel's answer, but hey, the truth ain't always easy to swallow.

Unbound Saga
By Corey Williams
Described in this review as one of the year's best, Unbound Saga quickly demands attention for its uniqueness. The premise is simple yet open to possibilities: Take control of either Rick Ajax or Lori Machete, two self-aware comic book characters, and confront The Maker. The game plays out in fluid Beat-em-up fashion and offers players the ability to team up in cooperative modes.

In layman's terms, Unbound Saga merges the gameplay of Streets of Rage with the aesthetic and conceptual charm of Comix Zone. Being an unabashed fan of both franchises, I'm understandably excited. But if your threshold for enthusiasm is a little higher, check out Corey's full article.


Hindsight: Fable 3
By Corey Williams
Fable creator Peter Molyneux may have been gifted with a silver tongue, but he clearly never received old Ben Parker's memo on "great power and great responsibility." If you've fallen victim to the charms of Mr. Molyneux, you weren't the first and you won't be the last — Corey's article is proof of that.

In his second article of this week's Reviews Spotlight, Corey reevaluates the shortcomings of Fable 3. With so many RPG mechanics jettisoned, can the latest in a long line of role-playing games entertain hardened genre veterans?