For almost a year now, I've been writing (30) Days of RPGs, a monthly column dedicated to breaking down any and all new RPG releases. The response was overwhelmingly positive, which is something I cannot thank you all enough for. In that time, I've been wanting to take on a new project within the genre that's more community focused and in-depth. That's why I've teamed up with fellow Bitmobber and Pixel Revolt head honcho Derek Lavigne to bring you….

The Bitmob RPG Club!

Much like the Game Club before it, the main attraction of the RPG Club will be the four contributor's weekly exploits with the game in question. They play a specific portion of the game each week and report back on their experiences. But we're not stopping at four participants. We're making this as inclusive as possible, and because of that, we have three ways you can participate along with us.

  1. Discuss this week's portion of the game in the comments! We'll have some specific questions for each portion, but they'll only serve as a conversation starter. Discuss strategies, talk about how you feel about the game, debate specific aspects with other people, or hash over anything else you like!

  2. Play along on Twitter! Follow and send a reply to the specified account, and join in the Twitter conversation. We'll post the juiciest bits each week.

  3. Write some articles! Be they weekly diaries of your playthroughs or features inspired by them, write an piece with the tag RPG Club and submit it to the Mobfeed. We'll make sure to include links to your articles each week.


Best of all, we're leaving the choice for the first selection up to you. We've chosen four games we feel deserve this spotlight. They are:

Nier — Released earlier this year, Nier didn't exactly have great press leading up to the game's launch. Criticized for bland graphics and clunky-looking gameplay, it may as well have been dead on arrival. Even a good percentage of gamers who gave it a quick try passed it over. Nier didn't have a chance to stand out as what it was: a satire-heavy piece about the state of the genre. Rote gameplay and generic enemies aside, the game makes itself perfectly clear by implementing a drift button into the controls for your transportation…a giant boar. Yes, boar drifting. Give this game a shot! –Derek

Final Fantasy 6 — This nomination speaks for itself. Widely regarded as one of the finest RPGs ever created, this staple of the genre is a welcome playthrough no matter how many times you have experienced it. Or, for some of us, this might finally be the chance to see it all the way though. While it was originally released on the SNES in 1994, subsequent rereleases on the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance make FF6 more widely available than most classics. Vote for it now before the chance passes you by again! –Derek

Planescape: Torment — Black Isle is best known for implementing superior choice and consequence into the first two Fallout games, but they took a different approach with Planescape: Torment. Instead of emphasizing customization and choice over story, they crafted an intriguing, focused, and original narrative that did Memento almost a full year before the movie earliest screenings. Add to that a truly bizarre setting, memorable characters, and possibly the best writing in an RPG to date, and you have a timeless game that no one should miss. –Jeremy

The Witcher — CD Projekt aren't just the folks behind Good Old Games. They also make modern titles like The Witcher. Mature themes, engaging action-based combat, and a dark setting are enticing on their own, but the truth that the creators adapted this game from a set of Polish short stories. This lends it a different kind of atmosphere than you see in most modern Western RPGs. Simply put, they don't make WRPGs like this anymore — if they ever did — and that makes it worth a look. –Jeremy

You can cast your vote here.

We're going to keep voting open for about two weeks, with the first official post announcing the winner following shortly after.

We're also looking for volunteers to take part in the main discussion and contribute their weekly playthrough reports to each weekly post. If you're interested, leave your contact information in the comments section.

Get ready to RPG!