tunerfish androidThe team behind Tunerfish, the social TV application launched by cable TV giant Comcast earlier this year, just announced that it’s releasing an application for Android smartphones.

Like a number of other applications, Tunerfish takes the “check in” idea (popularized by location services like Foursquare) into the TV world. Users can tell their friends what they’re watching, see what’s trending among other users, and earn rewards. Tunerfish has already launched an iPhone application and a website. In today’s blog post the company says the biggest demand from users was a downloadable Android app — until now, Android users had to check-in through the website.

This idea has attracted a lot of interest from companies big and small, with Time Warner investing in GetGlue’s media check-in platform and Google Ventures backing social TV app Miso. I asked Tunerfish general manager John McCrea (who, like other members of the Tunerfish team, came to Comcast through the acquisition of contacts startup Plaxo) about how he sees the competitive landscape, and he responded:

It wasn’t too surprising that a lot of startups would enter this space, but just how many has been a surprise. We’re pretty excited about our prospects in the best-of-both-worlds scenario. We remain a small and independent team, making great product in a very agile way, but we’re also part of Comcast, which should allow us to do some really exciting things in 2011 and beyond.

You can go here to download Tunerfish’s Android app.