Samsung today showed off something at the Consumer Electronics Show that many couch potatoes have surely dreamed of: TVs that are virtually all screen, with almost no ugly bezels separating the on-screen image from your home theater.

The new HDTV (pictured on the left above, the display on the right is a competitor comparison) bezels are .2-inches thick, making them tough to notice when you’re sitting on the couch. And because they have less bezel to deal with, Samsung says the TVs offer an inch more of viewable screen space than comparably sized displays.

The bezels will be available on Samsung’s upcoming 7000 and 8000 series LED HDTVs. The 8000 series will sport a metallic bezel, while the 7000’s bezel is acrylic.

The sets are the next step to displays with completely no bezel, which may not have much practical functionality, but are a justifiable pursuit simply for the cool factor.

Samsung also unveiled a few other accessories for HDTVs this year, including an upgraded version of its Touch Control remote, a Skype camera and stylish 3D glasses that use Bluetooth to communicate with TVs instead of infra-red.