dell streak 7LG isn’t the only company with a 4G tablet for T-Mobile on the horizon. The carrier announced today that Dell will be bringing its Streak 7 tablet to its 4G network in the next few weeks.

The 7-inch Streak 7 will be Dell’s first 4G tablet, as well as the first to be available to consumers in the US.

Unlike LG’s G-Slate, or Motorola’s Xoom for Verizon, the Streak 7 won’t be packing Android 3.0, the delicious new Android update for tablets. Instead, it will be packing Android 2.2 — which makes sense, otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing it so soon. It weighs less than a pound, features a dual-core Nvidia 1 gigahertz CPU, and also has front and rear-facing cameras at 1.3 and 5 megapixels respectively.