We at Bitmob like to boast that we possess a very clear crystal ball: Through numerous consultations into the world beyond, we knew Kinect would sell well all along. Or we actually tried the darn thing ourselves.

News Blips:

KinectMicrosoft's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral has sold over 8 million units since its launch 60 days ago. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer's forehead glistened strongly with the sweat of excitement as he announced the figures alongside upcoming Kinect integration with Xbox Live avatars, Hulu and Netflix menu navigation, and locating criminals before they commit a crime to the tune of a baroque symphony. (OK, maybe not that last one.) "As many of you know, we predicted that we would sell about five million of these Kinect sensors by the end of the holiday season," Ballmer said. "We beat that forecast. In the first 60 days we sold over eight million Kinect sensors worldwide. This has been the biggest holiday and the biggest year ever for Xbox." I wouldn't be surprised if Sony representatives were observed steepling their fingers darkly while muttering, "Next time, Ballmer…next time." [GamesIndustry.biz]

Sony plans to release a personal 3D headset display. Creatively dubbed the Headman, the device enables 3D gameplay without the need for a TV while presumably transforming the wearer into Star Trek's Geordi "Can't See Shit, Captain" LaForge via an elaborate suit-up sequence. While no price or release date has been determined, the device will contain two small displays and built-in earphones with enough sensory prowess to throw even the strongest marriage into jeopardy — just ask Sony Executive Deputy President Hiroshi Yoshioka, who uses the headset to play Gran Turismo 5. "Nobody — not even my wife — interrupted me, so I could get the highest score," he said at CES. Best product endorsement ever. [GamesIndustry.biz]

Eye doctors scoff at Nintendo's warning concerning the effects of its upcoming 3DS handheld on young children. The company cautioned that children under the age of six shouldn't be allowed to use the 3DS as it would harm their eye development. As the New York Times reports, some of the world's "elite pediatric ophthalmologists" disagreed with Nintendo's claim. "The fact you'd watch 3D in a theater or a video game should have zero deleterious impact whatsoever," said Dr. Lawrence Tychsen, who, in addition to making everyone groan and reach for a dictionary, has performed research on the effects of 3D using rhesus monkeys. The monkeys exhibited no difference in eye development when wearing 3D glasses, but don't tell them that — it might cause a premature exit from The Matrix.

A Tomb Raider trilogy pack is coming to the PlayStation 3 on March 22. Crystal Dynamics announced that the $39.99 pack will include Tomb Raider: Underworld, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Tomb Raider: Anniversary along with a theme pack and appropriately-themed outfits for your Home avatar (read: skimpy tank tops and cargo short shorts.). [1UP]

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