Exent is announcing today that its GameTanium games-on-demand service is debuting on Android smartphones.

New York-based Exent has created a digital distribution technology for delivering games to users via online connections. Verizon Games used GameTanium as the backbone technology for its own game web site. Now Exent will directly offer GameTanium as a service with 100 native Android games that users can play for a flat monthly subscription fee. The service will be introduced on Android phones in February and debut on other platforms — including tablets — early this year.

New York-based Exent was founded in 1992 and went through several gyrations to find a market for its digital distribution technology. Now the company is focused on enabling “anytime, anywhere” games. Users who subscribe to GameTanium on Android will have access to new games each week. The service will help small developers get their games discovered, since it has featured content, recommendations, ratings and a big collection of video trailers.

Exent says that hundreds of games will be available for a flat-monthly rate. The service will debut with a 7-day free trial and can be billed securely through PayPal. Over time, GameTanium will enable gamers to start playing a game on one device and switch to another one without having to start over. Scores and levels are instantly saved and transferred to the next device.