Here’s the latest action we’re following on the GreenBeat today:

GE will acquire Lineage Power for $520 million — GE is purchasing the company from Gores Group in a move to expand its energy business. Lineage Power makes high-efficiency power conversion technology used in data centers and telecom.

SoloPower awaits $20 million loan for Oregon factory — Thin-film solar manufacturer SoloPower recently raised $51 million and is now awaiting a decision on its application for a $20 million loan for a 75-megawatt factory from Oregon’s State Energy Loan Program, the Oregonian writes. The decision should be handed down today, so stay tuned to GreenBeat.

Ford not a fan of Better Place’s battery switch — Electric vehicle infrastructure company Better Place wants to popularize a battery switching technology that allows for the five-minute swap of a depleted electric car battery with a fully-charged one. It has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and partnered with GE in the process, but the switching requires automakers to make electric vehicles compatible with Better Place’s switch stations. Ford said this week that doing so wouldn’t make sense for them because it would hold the company back from progressing to new electric vehicle battery technology, Fast Company reports.

Toyota will mass produce plug-in hybrid batteries — Toyota’s Prius plug-in hybrid is slated for limited release in 2012, but according to reports, Toyota will be manufacturing batteries for plug-in hybrids at the rate of 100,000 a year. The company is making lithium ion batteries for the first time ever in one of its own plants and at a factory operated with Panasonic that will cost $120 million, according to the Nikkei business daily (and re-reported by Reuters).

Electric hybrid Chevy Volt technology may come to a GM minivan — That’s according to GM CEO Dan Akerson’s comments published in Autoblog Green. Akerson says he wants 10 percent of GM’s cars to be plug-in or hybrids within 10 to 15 years, and he expects one car within each of GM’s divisions (Buick, Cadillac, etc.) to eventually use technology from Chevrolet’s Volt electric car. Remember what we said about the revenge of the American automaker hinging on green cars? Looks like it’s in full swing.

Texas loses EPA suit, increases wind power share — A federal court denied Texas’s request to not adhere with federal greenhouse gas rules that include the EPA’s plan to issue greenhouse gas permits in the state. Texas still has other lawsuits pending to challenge the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases, the Texas Tribune reports. On the state’s environmentally friendly side, it has increased production from wind farms so that wind now makes up 7.8 percent of the state’s electricity supply.