Sure, Samsung is now the king of Android phone manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean it plans to rest on the success of its current Galaxy S line of Android phones.

The company is gearing up to show off the “evolution” of the Galaxy S line (and give smartphone geeks an early Valentine’s gift in the process) on February 13 at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, according to a Samsung promotional site. Samsung will also tease the product on February 1, which will likely amount to shadowy screen shot or some sort of silhouette.

Undoubtedly, Samsung’s next major Galaxy S phone (or whatever it’s called) will feature LTE 4G technology. The company has already unveiled an LTE 4G phone with the Infuse 4G for AT&T, but there’s still room for more hardware upgrades that will make it competitive with some of the high-end Android phones coming out of CES, like the Motorola Atrix. In particular, we’ll likely see a dual-core version of Samsung’s powerful Hummingbird processor, as well as its “Super AMOLED Plus” display.

Samsung certainly won’t be the only company debuting blazing fast new hardware at Mobile World Congress, but given the success of its Galaxy S line so far, I suspect it also has a few surprises in store to one-up the competition.

Via Engadget