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I tried to convince myself that I don't play games like Angry Birds. It's for "casual" gamers, I argued to myself.  I could spend my hard-earned $0.99 on a root beer or some other edible pastime. But I pressed the download button on my iPod Touch anyway, not knowing what I was about to behold.

Angry birds piqued my interest due to its undeniable popularity in the community. No doubt the $0.99 price point has something to do with that.


Angry Birds

I think they are looking at the inevitable Easter version.


Angry Birds has perched on most platforms and has holiday-themed versions to boot. Many developer on mobile platforms can claim such an achievement. After all, few bite-sized titles are as ubiquitous; even fewer bear such high-quality.

Don't let Angry Birds' simpleness fool you. This game is a must-play.

Rovio Mobile's  work makes up for it with addictive game play and colorful aesthetic. Vibrant colors pop on the screen. Rich hues complement each level's simple backgrounds. The birds themselves are simply designed and strikingly colorful. Rovio's latest pleases the eye.

The premise is simple: A flock of riled birds want to eliminate their green pig antagonists –by launching from a slingshot, no less. Absurd as this bedrock sounds, it's quite functional. The controls are so elementary even my nine-year-old brother learned how to play within a minute or two.  You use a finger to pull back the slingshot and adjust the height of the bird's arc to your liking. Release and fire away!

Now for the complexities: players only receive a handful of pissed-off birds for each level. What's more, you a limited number of different types of birds. One type increases its speed on a single tap; another one bursts into three miniature birds when you tap the bird. So you must use them wisely. 

Levels become more complicated as you progress. Rarely are the pigs a direct target; obstructions such as wood or ice block your bird's path to spearing the enemy.  But, that's the hook. You will want to retry these levels until you succeed. After all, if you fail, restarting the level is only two taps away. And trust me, you will want to try again and again.

My reservations ran deep before installing Angry Birds on my iPod Touch. They were unfounded. Angry Birds is a fantastic title — for so-called casual and core gamers alike.  Angry Birds is an addictive on-the-road-game. Though consoles still offer richer experiences than those on the iOS platform, Rovio's game is great for travel and short play sessions.

Angry Birds serves its purpose dutifully and I am proud to send my pissed-off friends into battle. For this reason, Angry Birds gets a gold star and is a worthy addition to anyone's collection.