Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.

What makes a great entrepreneur? – There are a lot of characteristics that go into making a startup a success, but attorney Scott Edward Walker, who has worked with entrepreneurs for 15 years, says he has noticed three variables that are always a part of the equation.

How to raise venture capital in a down market – It’s rough raising money today from a VC firm, but Robert Ackerman, founder and managing director of Allegis Capital, says it’s not impossible – and he gives seven pieces of advice to help you get closer to your funding goals.

9 suggestions of startup naming – Naming a company is a task that’s a lot harder than it should be. Some argue it doesn’t matter, but others say it can mean life or death. Serial entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah offers nine rules of thumb to keep in mind when you’re struggling to find the perfect name.

4 ways to boost collaboration in a remote work environment – As more and more companies work from satellite locations and remote sites, office camaraderie is becoming a precious commodity. Joel Bomgar, founder and CEO of Bomgar Corporation, offers four tips on how to bring your team together as a unit – even when they’re far apart geographically.

How should startups pay their attorney? – Even cash-poor entrepreneurs need legal advice when launching new ventures, but how do they pay the bill? Attorney Martin Nichols, in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture at Stanford University, says it’s not through an equity offer or a seat on the board.