I look like cyclops

        Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Anthony Beanes and I am an avid gamer and look to work in the video game industry some day. I came to bitmob to improve my writing skills when writing for review on games. I am became self aware recently after finding out the incedent that happen today on IGN of the review of Dead Space 2. The massive outcry from people trashing the guy's review really stroke a chord with me as I am about to do a review on Dead Space for my website. I believe it won't be that bad, but since I am going to start writing more reviews on my website I want to write better even if I am a art student. So in efforts of writing better I be posting my reviews here as well as on my website for people to see but I really like it if you guys comment on work as I start to write and draw more. Also this probably won't hurt me since it might actually help me in times I do need to write something either for class or for my future career job. You can find my website at www.missionstartpodcast.com and I am not doing this to get free advertising here even if it looks that way.