With just 80 days till Tax Day (April 15), TeaSpiller, a service for finding and working with accountants, today announced its public launch, which provides access to over 20,000 certified accountants around the U.S.

Users looking for an accountant, whether for taxes or other services, can visit the site and search by geographic area. Users can choose to contact one of the listed accountants by email or phone.

After both parties agree to work with each other, a payment is processed through the site. The user then has 2 weeks to upload all their needed documents to TeaSpiller for the accountant to access and begin the process.

With more than 1 million accountants in the U.S., the company has begun the process of using its search and indexing algorithms to find and add them automatically to the directory. Each accountant includes their own profile, similar to a resume, that includes an overall rating, comments/reviews and fees. Additional information like licenses, work experience and education are also included.

TeaSpiller plans to make money in two ways: giving accountants “pro” accounts for added features, like bumping their profiles higher in search results, and taking a cut of each transaction through the site.

The company has several competitors, including CPAFinder.com and AccountantsWorld.com, both of which act as directories for searching and finding accountants. While the search function works similarly, TeaSpiller offers more information on accountant profiles, including ratings and reviews, as well as the means for managing payments and documents online. TeaSpiller also doesn’t charge accountants to be listed, while the competitors charge rates of around $400 a year.

The New York City-based company was founded in 2009 by Amit Vemuri, a former vice president of product development strategy at online travel comparison site Travelocity. No funding has been secured to date.