Google’s Eric Schmidt gave a talk about his vision for the next decade at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich, where he predicted an age of “augmented humanity.” He sees computers finally getting smart enough to start helping us out on everything from translating speech to driving cars.

As we noted before, his view of the next decade is interesting because he has spent the past decade as CEO of one of the few companies that is trying to touch almost everything in the digital world. Schmidt has given this kind of speech before, but he is fleshing out his vision with each talk. It was the first big talk he gave since announcing he would turn over his CEO title to Google co-founder Larry Page last week. (He preceded the speech by announcing Google would hire 1,000 employees in Europe in the coming year).

Here’s DLD’s own link to the Schmidt video.

Here’s the full video of the speech in two parts.

Disclosure: The Digital Life Design conference paid my way to Munich so I could moderate a panel. VentureBeat’s coverage of the conference remains objective and independent.