taggedWhen you think of popular social networks, Tagged probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Or the second. But the San Francisco company said that it had a hugely successful 2010, ending the year with more than 100 million registered users and completing its third straight year of profitability.

That puts Tagged behind Facebook (which probably has around 600 million users) and Twitter (which has nearly 200 million), but ahead of professional networking site LinkedIn (which shared its user numbers when announcing its plans for a public offering).

How can a social network stand up to Facebook? Well, Tagged built its features around helping users make new connections, whereas Facebook is all about helping you strengthen your existing network (as executives have admitted).

Here are some other numbers that Tagged shared with VentureBeat exclusively:

  • Total revenue more than $32 million
  • Virtual currency revenue up 71% over 2009
  • Subscription revenue up 50% over 2009
  • Over 100 million new friend connections made each month
  • Available in 220 countries and 18 languages

A leaked email revealed earlier that Tagged plans to double its staff and give everyone a 10 percent raise. The company’s investors include Mayfield Fund, Horizon Technology Finance, and Leader Ventures.