Marc Bodnick, Quora screenshot
When VentureBeat first reported on Silicon Valley investor Marc Bodnick’s departure from Elevation Partners, the private-equity firm he cofounded, I noted his enthusiasm for Quora, the online question-and-answer community founded by Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, two early Facebook employees.

When rumors broke that he was actually taking a formal job at Quora, I asked himon Quora — how the startup recruited him.

This morning, he finally answered my question! Here’s his response:

Meeting the founders and using the product were the first steps in my growing interest in the company. I knew Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo through mutual friends. I’ve been an active Quora user since October 2009, a time when there were only a few hundred users. I got onto the site after running into Charlie and Rebekah Cox, Quora’s lead product designer and first employee, at a birthday party in Palo Alto and bugging them for a beta invitation.

In October, Charlie invited me into the beta and I became immediately addicted. I have an eclectic set of interests, and I spent a ton of time on non-technical topics -> U.S. Politics, Movies, Children’s Books, Crossword Puzzles. In 2009-10, my kids and I were in the middle of reading Harry Potter, and I ended up writing dozens of questions about the books as I read each one. Then I did the same thing for the Matrix movies, Iron Man 2, and Black Swan. (I’m currently plowing through Percy Jackson, btw.) I wrote way more questions than answers.

In early 2010, Charlie and I started talking about policy on the site, and he asked me if I wanted to get more involved with the company. So I started meeting most Sunday nights with Adam, Charlie, and Rebekah. These were awesome discussions for me. I was like a Madden fan getting to hang out with Bill Walsh to talk about the West Coast offense.

Toward the end of the year, Adam, Charlie and I started talking about the idea of me joining Quora in a more active role. It’s a small company, so I’ll take on a variety of roles including product marketing, community, and business operations. This is a big change since I’ve been an investor my whole life. I start Monday Jan 31 at Quora and it is a super-exciting new adventure for me.