Inbox “un-clutterer” NudgeMail now has tens of thousands of users within the first three months of its launch, with a significant gain this week that CEO Jeremy Toeman told VentureBeat is likely due to the startup’s recently announced integration with Google’s much-used Google Calendar.

“We’re really excited about the gCal integration, as it was one of the most-requested features from our users,” Toeman told me. “With NudgeMail on gCal not only do existing NudgeMail users get an easy way to see all their reminders in one place, but it also makes the service more compelling to even more people.”

NudgeMail announced its partnership with Google Calendar on Wednesday. It had originally launched in November to minimal fanfare.

Created to help users reach that much-coveted “inbox zero,” NudgeMail helps people manage their time and emails by synchronizing their important upcoming events.

Without leaving their inbox, a user can set a reminder far ahead of time, simply by sending an email to NudgeMail about a major event.

So, if a user wanted to remember an important date — say, an anniversary — they send an email to may, subject line “anniversary,” and the date is automatically added to their Google or other device-related calendar.

The platform’s “vocabulary” also understands a huge number of “commands,” including typos. For example, if a user emails “Tusday” instead of “Tuesday,” NudgeMail understands it.

After that, the company sends the email back to the user, along with a few enhancements, such as a snooze bar.  The entire system is secure and encrypted.

The company says it doesn’t have any comparable competitors, because it does not require plugins, downloads or new software. That simplicity is what’s already bringing the service significant traction, said Toeman.

It also works across multiple devices including office desktops, home laptops, iPad and smartphones.

The company was founded by Toeman last year. He remains the founder and managing partner of Stage Two, a marketing and media relations firm, and was previously vice president of product development at Sling Media. Toeman is also known for co-founding digital media networking software company Mediabolic.

NudgeMail currently has no external funding.

UPDATE: Toeman offers some additional clarification in the comments.