With Dead Space 2 being the first highly anticipated title of 2011, there was little doubt that Visceral Games would under deliver on this and they sure didn’t. 


Taking place after the events of the first Dead Space, you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer that is caught up in the outbreak of an alien virus that takes over its host body and also reanimating the dead.  Sound Ghoulish, but Dead Space 2 far from scary.  This game was advertised as a horror title but the same could have been said for Cloverfield when it came out in theatres, you’ll be lucky if you get 1 or 2 good startles through out this game. 


Where this game exceeds is the gameplay itself.  Keeping a lot from the first Dead Space, players still use workbenches to upgrade they’re weapons and purchase items in shop stations with credits found throughout the game.  Some of the big improvements are actually giving Isaac a personality.  Watching the animation between gameplay and cinematic is so fluid and transitional that it doesn’t take the player out of the experience. 


The voice acting of the characters and the sounds of Dead Space 2 are topnotch.  Everything from the screaming monsters to the eerily quietness of space, it really plays into the “you are alone in space” feel. 


But along with the good, there is some bad, like the fact that Dead Space 2 comes on 2 discs for the 360 and only having a 7-hour campaign.  Granted, Dead Space 2 does enforce multiple plays through by only allowing players to up-grade 2 weapons out of 10 upon completion.  Along with a weak online multiplayer experience, it’s hard to justify its $70 price tag. 


There is no doubt that this is a great start to the 2011 year and Dead Space 2 will captivate peoples attention but with a weak and short storyline, it’s hard to justify a purchase but definitely rent. 


Gameplay – 9

Story – 5

Graphics – 10


And -1 for Multiplayer


Total = 7/10