Today’s funding announcements include web sites that aggregate energy use, social media news and pop music stories:

Earth Aid brings in $4M to lower energy bills: The Washington, D.C.-based company has raised a first round of funding led by Point Judith Capital for its home energy management service, the company announced today. The web-based platform lets users monitor utility usage and spend without the need for new hardware or software, and the company rewards users when they save energy.

Storify gets $2M for social media-based news stories: The aggregation site has raised a first round of funding from Khosla Ventures. Co-founded by a former journalist, the site lets users pull content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites together into a single story. Launched in September, the San Francisco-based startup’s stories have already been viewed more than 4.5M times.

Popdust grabs $1M for pop music news coverage: The publisher of original music content has raised a first round of funding led by Lerer Media Ventures to accelerate growth of the site. Based in New York, Popdust produces news with a focus on mainstream artists.

Mobestream raises $1.75M to consolidate your loyalty cards: The developer of Key Ring, a free smart phone app, has raised a first round of funding from Austin Ventures to store all of a customer’s loyalty cards in a single place. The Dallas-based company plans to hire ten new employees with the funding.

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