Here’s the latest action we’re following on the GreenBeat:

Power-One forecasts weaker revenue next quarter — the solar power inverter manufacturer’s poor guidance sent its shares down around 24 percent and dragged down some other solar stocks. Power-One’s weakness was largely due to its large exposure in Europe, because demand for solar power has doubled in the United States.

Biofuel developer Kior close to securing $1 billion loan from U.S. government — the loan from the Department of Energy would help the company research new ways to turn wood into biofuels. Rather than create ethanol, the process would convert woodchips into fuel similar to gasoline or diesel.

Princeton plans to build massive solar collector field — the field will take up 27 acres and reduce the college’s energy costs by only around 8 percent. The field consists of 16,500 panels, which is enough to power 700 households.

Biomass-to-sugar developer Codexis posts solid earnings — the company’s revenue was up 23 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter last year to $29.8 million. Codexis is forecasting a year with more than $120 million in revenue as it continues researching ways to convert biomass into sugar, which can then be converted to other chemicals and fuels.

Earth Aid raises $4M to help manage energy costs — the latest round of funding was led by Point Judith Capital. Earth Aid provides customers with a web-based service that helps them monitor and manage their energy consumption.

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