Here’s the latest news we’re following today on the GreenBeat:

Solar and wind prices have dropped — Increased manufacturing in China and the financial crisis has led to over-capacity and pushed prices down over the last three years, according to a Reuters analysis. Prices of turbines fell by a fifth and solar panels by a half since 2007. and expected to fall another 10 to 25 percent this year. The drop in price is expected to accelerate adoption from renewable energies.

Solar Junction reaches efficiency milestone — Solar Junction said today it has reached a 41.4 percent efficiency certification on its solar cells, just a month after hitting 40.9 percent efficiency. The company makes high-efficiency multijunction cells for the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) purposes, a form of solar by which mirrors or magnifying lenses are used to intensify the effect of the sun onto photovoltaic materials. It is a finalist for a Department of Energy loan guarantee for a 250 megawatt capacity manufacturing plant in San Jose, Calif. and plans to begin shipping commercial cells this year.

Nokia Siemens to offer electric car roaming — The two companies’ joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks announced this week they will team with a German public utility to develop an authentication and authorization service called to enable electric car drivers to “roam” between various electric car charging providers.

California to lead in plug-in hybrid sales — Sales of plug-in hybrids in California will total more than sales in the next top five states combined, according to a report by the Center of Automotive Research. Other states expected to have strong demand include Florida, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland and Utah.

[Image via Flickr/Mark Florence]